Amani Projects

Ready-made projects for Amani exploration.

Lab Files for DSP Lab 1-1: The NCO

DIY Park Ranger

The Park Ranger is an ultrasonic-ranging prototype designed to assist drivers who are backing into tight areas. The ranger uses ultrasonic pings to measure distance to the object behind and indicates this distance by sending audible tones to your FM radio. Optional panel-mount LEDs offer visual aid for calibration as well as warning drivers behind you.

Arduino SRAM Expansion:
Supplemental Address Injection and Packet Interception

In this project you will learn to address multiple 23K256 devices by injecting addressing bits into existing data packets and use the Amani 64 to decode the address and select the appropriate SRAM bank.

Full PDF: Arduino Amani SRAM Expansion v1d0.pdf
Project Code: Amani / Arduino
Schematic Images: Schematic

Ultrasonic Ranger

A simple DIY Ultrasonic Rangefinder that you can build using your Arduino, Kemani or Amani 64, and about $20 in parts.

Full PDF: Build Your Own Ultrasonic Rangefinder 1d0.pdf
Project Code: Kemani (Amani) / Arduino
Schematic Images: System Block Diagram / Analog Section / Kemani Logic / Arduino Logic