Amani 64 CPLD Shield

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Full Amani 64 Kits Available for only $23.99!

Programmable logic meets the Arduino. Discover a higher level of control via the potent combination of programmable logic and microcontrollers.

The Amani 64 is a low-cost entry-level CPLD development kit, stackable with the Arduino, other Amanis, and Arduino-compatible shields. The Amani 64 by itself is a capable embedded controller but becomes an even more powerful tool when teamed up with the Arduino or other Amanis. The 64 can relieve the Arduino of time-intensive processing functions passing the Arduino data as needed. Data can be transferred via SPI, a parallel data transfers, or an interface of your own invention. Perform both combinatorial and sequential functions faster and with more available I/O while freeing up the Arduino for other tasks. All Amani I/O is configurable to be active I/O or passive pin thus allowing the programmer to use Arduino pins to interface with the Amani, to external devices, or both.

The Amani is also a valuable development and simulation tool for Arduino based designs. Replace a catalog’s worth of logic chips in one device. Test your Arduino interfaces by using the Amani as a test bench. Perfect time sensitive designs with the highly configurable Altera CPLD. Then reconfigure your Amani in seconds to become an active or passive component of your design.

The Amani 64 is compatible with various IP modules also available for Beta test, such as 7-segment display, VGA, relay interface, and more. It is also pin compatible with commercially available peripherals such as the PMod devices by Digilent. Add wireless data, analog, and endless other capabilities simply by plugging application-specific modules into the available I/O docks and utilizing corresponding open-source code.

The Amani 64 uses the FREE Altera Quartus II development environment. Entry-level users will find the block-diagram/schematic file design entry method easy to use. Experienced users will find the HDL resources convenient. The Amani is useful as an inexpensive yet effective tool for learning and enhancing Verilog and VHDL skills. Quartus II aids the designer from RTL development through simulation all the way to programming the Amani board. Programming is performed by 3rd party programmers or the USBoomer, a low-cost USB-based JTAG programmer also available for Beta Test.

Amani 64 Features at a glance:


  • Compatible with 3.3V and 5V Devices
  • 28 digital I/O
  • 12 Available via Arduino PB/PD Connectors
  • Four 4-Bit powered I/O docks for off-board peripherals
  • 1 Push-button input/Arduino Reset
  • Docks A-D compatable with commercially available IP Modules
  • Dedicated JTAG In-System Programming
  • Board stackable with Arduino, Amani, and other compatible shields
  • Swappable PD0/PD1 and PB0/PB1 to free up Arduino RX/TX pins


  • Comes Standard with Altera EPM3064ALC44-10
  • 64 Macrocells
  • 3.3V AND 5V Device Compatible
  • Swappable with other 44-Pin Altera and Atmel Devices


  • Comes Standard 32MHz Oscillator, swappable up to 200+ MHz
  • Additional clock can be supplied by Arduino
  • Off-Board clocks available via Digital I/O


  • On-board 3.3V Regulator Can be powered by:
  • J6 Off-Board Power Connector
  • Arduino 5V JPower Input
  • Board may be powered by Arduino 3.3V JPower Input
  • Board can provide power to Arduino and other shields via Vaux Connection

Retail cost of the Amani 64 kit is expected to be $29. Fully assembled models are under development and will be made available with higher logic densities, on-board USB programming, and programmable clocks at hobbyist-market pricing.



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