Amani F2 FPGA Shield

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FPGA Shield for the Arduino. The next generation in programmable logic rapid-prototyping.

Based on the EP2C5, the F2 features 4600 LE’s, 72 user I/O, and 120Kb of user ram. Of course the standard Arduino and PMOD headers will be provided to integrate peripheral devices, as well as space for user-installed headers in the PMOD format.

The Amani F2 is intended to be an entry-level FPGA development system, compatible with the Arduino. A fantastic feature of the F2, called Signal Tap, inherent to Quartus II and available only to FPGA devices, serves as an embedded logic analyzer that can display recorded or real-time data via the JTAG programmer. In short the F2 can be a logic analyzer for the Arduino and compatible shields, as well as serving as a high-speed co-processor or controller.

Amani F2 Features at a glance:

Altera EP2C5 Cyclone II FPGA
4600 LEs
72 Digital I/O
120Kb On-Chip Memory
50MHz Oscillator
Signal Tap Compatible

-Arduino Shield Stackable
-72 user I/O (Full Arduino Connectivity, 6 Digilent PMOD docks)

-Full Arduino I/O Coverage

-2 Standard Digilent PMod Compatible I/O Docks
-Additional pads for 4 Digilent PMod Compatible I/O Docks

-Pads for user-installed eeprom
-Pads for user-installed Active Serial eeprom programming



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