Amani GT CPLD Shield

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Programmable logic meets the Arduino. The next generation in programmable logic rapid-prototyping for the Arduino.

The Amani GT is a low-cost programmable-logic development kit, stackable with the Arduino, other Amanis, and Arduino-compatible shields. The GT provides more muscle, speed, and I/O to Arduino-based applications. It offers a new Application-Specific Module daughter-board carrier as well as continues to be shield-stackable with the Arduino and compatible shields. The GT comes fully assembled.

Amani GT Features at a glance:

-240 Logic Elements
-8KB User Flash Memory
-300+MHz Capable
-4.7ns tpd max

-Arduino Shield Stackable
-78 Digital I/O

-Full Arduino I/O Coverage

-2 On-Board Oscillator Sources

-Standard Digilent PMod Compatible I/O Docks
-Application-Specific Module (ASM) Carriers
-Carries Application-Specific Daughter-Boards
-Up to 38 I/O available to the ASM
-Two ASM Clock Connections
-3.3V and 5V ASM Support
-Connectors follow standard 8-pin “Dock” format
-Carry 1, 2, up to 4 powered ASMs

Retail cost of the Amani GT fully assembled is expected to be $40.



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