Kemani CPLD Key

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Kemani PCB’s are now available for sale at BatchPCB!

Programmable logic for your breadboard. Replace an entire drawer of IC’s with the Kemani CPLD Key.

The Kemani is a low-cost CPLD rapid-prototyping kit perfect for breadboarding and prototyping applications. The Kemani features 26 pins of configurable I/O, both 3.3V and 5V tolerant. The Kemani also brings regulated power supply connections to the breadboard relieving the need for additional power circuitry. The on-board oscillator, selectable up to 220MHz, can be brought to the prototype via one of the I/O pins.

See the Kemani implementing an ultrasonic rangefinder in the following video:

The Kemani uses the FREE Altera Quartus II development environment. Entry-level users will find the block-diagram/schematic file design entry method easy to use. Experienced users will find the HDL resources convenient. The Kemani is useful as an inexpensive yet effective tool for learning and enhancing Verilog and VHDL skills. Quartus II aids the designer from RTL development through simulation all the way to programming the Amani board. Programming is performed by 3rd party programmers or the USBoomer, a low-cost USB-based JTAG programmer also available for Beta Test.

Kemani Features at a glance:


  • Compatible with 3.3V and 5V Devices
  • 26 digital I/O
  • Dedicated JTAG In-System Programming


  • User selectable Altera EPM3064, 3032, 7064, or 7032
  • 3.3V AND 5V Device Compatible
  • Swappable with other 44-Pin Altera and Atmel Devices


  • User may choose up to 200+ MHz
  • Off-Board clocks available via Digital I/O


  • User Chooses On-board 3.3V or 5V LDO Regulator
  • Power connections brought to the breadboard

Retail cost of the Kemani kit is expected to be $20. Although not yet available Kemani PCB’s are available at BatchPCB