Embedded Logic Analysis for your Arduino Stack: SignalTap Tutorial

The Amani F2 is an FPGA development system designed to interface with the Arduino and its compatible shields. If for no other reason, the F2 is useful as an embedded logic analyzer, thanks to Altera’s verification tool, Signal Tap, available for free in the Quartus II development environment.

At its simplest the Arduino developer can seat the Amani F2 on the Arduino and observe various output signalling.

In a system prototype the developer can include the F2 in their hardware stack and use it to monitor bus transactions between boards. The F2 in this configuration is passive and will not interfere with bus transactions.

As the user becomes for familiar with the F2, they will find that its programmable logic functionality is useful for additional simulation and supplementation of the Arduino’s limited processing capabilities. As a programmable logic development platform, The Amani F2 is a capable controller in its own right and can be used without the Arduino altogether.


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